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Bali’s 1st real estate
investment fund

The Kedungu Fund, managed by Kosong Satu Capital, a subsidiary of Kosong Satu Group, has a decade of experience in real estate investments in popular Indonesian destinations.
With a proven track record of identifying and investing in lucrative properties across Indonesia, our team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.
We are committed to providing our investors with secure and reliable opportunities for profitable growth in the dynamic Indonesian real estate market.

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The Fund

Fund Summary

The Kosong Satu Fund is an exciting five-year fund that will primarily invest in bare land (land banking) and residential development in Bali, Indonesia, mainly in the Kedungu area. The fund is designed to take advantage of the rapidly increasing investments in the area, offering investors the chance to capitalize on the potential very high returns.

The fund will focus on identifying and investing in undervalued properties to maximize returns for limited partners. The fund will also focus on long-term capital appreciation by strategically selecting and managing a portfolio of high-quality investments. Additionally, investors will have the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by investing in a rapidly growing real estate market.

Kosong Satu Fund will be managed with a fee structure generally based on the 2 and 20 model, with some small twists. Investors assets and returns are also protected by a high water mark and clawback provision, ensuring that the fund can effectively manage risk and maximize returns.

Real estate investments in Bali offer attractive returns with low risk and a high potential for long-term capital appreciation. The Kosong Satu Fund is the perfect opportunity for investors to capitalize on the growth of the real estate market in Bali.

Why The Kedungu Fund?

Advantages of Investing in the Fund


Low Barrier to Entry

The Fund is available to any investor, large or small. For retail investors who have limited capital to invest, the Fund is a great way to get exposure to the real estate market and earn passive investment returns.


Portfolio Diversification

Investing in any type of Funds will almost ensure the investor of having a diversified investment portfolio of real estate assets.


Return Potential

Like other types of real estate investments, the Fund has the potential to see capital appreciation over time and to generate returns for shareholders. Scalability is much more achievable compliments to the volume of assets.


Dividend Payments

Funds tend to have high dividend yields compared to other types of investments.


Passive Income

Importantly, limited partners are able to earn passive income on their investment. This means that after making the initial investment, the investor does not need to do anything else to earn a return on their capital. Real estate offers many ways to make money, but many are very time consuming, like land hunting or development. The Fund eliminates the need for the investor to manage the properties they own, hire property management firms, and deal with contractors, tenants, and leases.


Tangible Investments

Funds work well for many investors for the same reason that other real estate investments work well. Namely, the underlying assets are tangible, meaning they are physical assets that can be seen and touched. This is not the case with other asset types like stocks, or even debt instruments like mortgage-backed securities. Many investors find they are able to withstand short-term market fluctuations better knowing they own tangible investments.


Commercial Real Estate Access

Investing in the Fund provides limited partners with fractional ownership in a portfolio of real estate assets, often commercial real estate assets. One of the biggest roadblocks for investors interested in commercial real estate is that the asset class requires a lot of capital to get into and are often not well understood by retail investors. Many commercial properties cost millions of dollars, which the average investor does not have. By investing in the Fund, investors pool their money with others and are entitled to a pro rata share of the rental income and capital gains produced by the portfolio.


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