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Bali Premier Real Estate Investment Club

The Kedungu Fund, managed by Kedungu Capital Partners Pte Ltd, has a over decade of experience in real estate investments in popular Indonesian destinations.
With a proven track record of identifying and investing in lucrative properties across Indonesia, our team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. We are committed to providing our investors with secure and reliable opportunities for profitable growth in the dynamic Indonesian real estate market.






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NET ROI: 43.36%



Fund Summary

What We Do

The Kedungu Fund distinguishes itself as a boutique investment entity, uniquely attuned to Bali's real estate market. Originally rooted in friends and family connections, it now extends its reach to the secondary network, aligning growth with meaningful relationships.

Unlike conventional large funds, the Kedungu Fund's personalized strategy resonates closely with clients. This custom approach caters to investors seeking tailored experiences within the prevailing landscape.

Focused on a five-year horizon, the fund targets undeveloped land, commercial properties, and residential projects in Bali's Kedungu area. By identifying undervalued assets, it maximizes returns while nurturing long-term capital growth.

The Kedungu Fund provides an opportunity to leverage Bali's real estate potential, combining a personalized approach with market opportunities. With the fund's distinctive strategy, investors can confidently navigate the dynamic Kedungu market.

Investing in a Brighter Bali

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    A Unique Opportunity

    In light of the recent surge in tourism, spurred by a robust government policy, we have discerned a distinct pattern in the emergence of promising new development hubs. Kedungu, following in the footsteps of Canggu and Pererenan, emerges as the next rapidly expanding destination.

    Our meticulously developed models paint a compelling picture of land price appreciation, with projected gains ranging from 2x to 3x over the next four years. This outlook presents a unique opportunity for substantial investments in the burgeoning Kedungu region, positioning us to capitalize on the imminent surge in land values and realize exceptional returns.

    Moreover, we have strategically positioned ourselves to leverage a spectrum of development opportunities, enabling us to optimize our returns on the land parcels we acquire.

    Our track record, exemplified by an impressive 43.36% NET ROI in 2023, underscores the evident upward trajectory in market price appreciation.

    We seek to raise capital swiftly and efficiently to maximize our exposure to this trend and maximize profitability.

    Unique TKF
    Solution the kedungu fund


    Our investment strategy comprises 3 key pillars:

    1. Rapid Acquisition

    We aim to swiftly amass a substantial portfolio of land assets. This strategy is grounded in the recognition of a limited window of opportunity within the market.

    2. Strategic Development

    While the cornerstone of our approach is land banking, we are committed to the strategic development of select properties. This approach is designed to maximize returns and actively influence the local land market by enhancing property values.

    3. Diverse Income Streams

    A portion of our developed properties will remain in our portfolio as income-generating assets. These properties will be utilized for short-term holiday rentals within the residential real estate segment and offered on long-term leases within the commercial real estate sector.

    => Equity Negotiations

    Additionally, however on rare occasions, we are open to exploring equity partnerships with businesses hosted on our properties. This collaborative approach ensures potential synergies and unlocks opportunities for mutual growth and prosperity.

    Why The Kedungu Fund?

    Why TKF

    Impressive Returns

    Our fund has achieved a remarkable 44% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) since it’s launch, providing you with the potential for substantial gains.

    Bali Expertise

    Backed by a team with over a decade of experience in Bali's real estate market, we identify and capitalize on undervalued and profitable opportunities.

    Low Entry Barrier

    Start your investment journey with as little as $25,000, making high-quality real estate accessible to all.


    Invest in a diversified fund portfolio of real estate assets, including commercial, land and rental properties.

    On Going Developments

    Grow in Bali
    (International School)

    Unique Opportunity

    (Bakery - Restaurant)


    (Bakery - Restaurant)

    Kedungu Plaza
    (Shopping center)

    Kedungu Plaza2
    Kedungu Plaza1

    Kedungu Square
    (Gym, art gallery, café)

    Kedungu Square2
    Kedungu Square1

    Kedungu Square
    (Gym, art gallery, café)

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    Timeline & Roadmap

    TKF Timeline

    Development Roadmap

    • Fund Launch

      MARCH 2023

      The Kedungu Fund officially commenced operations on March 1st, 2023. With a focused strategy on Bali's burgeoning real estate market, the fund aims to leverage local market dynamics and cultivate extensive relationships, promising high ROI through strategic land acquisitions and development projects.

    • Land Acquisition Phase


      Initiated in early 2023, this phase involves the rapid accumulation of prime land parcels in Kedungu. Capitalizing on the region's growing popularity, the fund strategically secures undervalued properties, setting the stage for substantial future developments and capital appreciation.

    • Grow in Bali (International School)


      Slated for opening in August 2025, this investment involves the development of a 1500m2 land parcel into an international school, aiming to provide quality education while enhancing property values and fostering community growth in the Kedungu area.

    • Luxembourg (Bakery - Restaurant)


      Targeting a 2025 opening, the Luxembourg Bakery is a strategic move to establish a high-end bakery and restaurant on a 400m2 plot in Kedungu, intended to attract culinary enthusiasts and boost local commercial activity through long-term rental income.

    • Kedungu Plaza (Shopping center)


      Positioned in the heart of Kedungu's real estate district, Kedungu Plaza will encompass a variety of retail outlets, cafes, and co-working spaces on an 880m2 plot. Groundbreaking is expected in mid-2024, with the goal of creating a vibrant community hub.

    • Kedungu Square (Gym, art gallery, café)


      With construction beginning at the end of 2024, Kedungu Square will feature a gym, art gallery, and diverse dining options, enhancing the lifestyle offerings in the region and catering to both residents and visitors.

    • New Development 1


      This phase includes the planning and initiation of yet-to-be-disclosed projects, focusing on innovative real estate developments that align with the fund's strategy of maximizing returns through niche market exploitation.

    • New Development 2


      Continuing the expansion, this development will further explore untapped opportunities in the Kedungu region, aiming to diversify the fund’s portfolio and leverage the growing demand in Bali’s real estate market.

    • Distribution Phase


      Scheduled towards the fund's closure in 2028, this phase will handle the strategic liquidation of assets, ensuring maximum returns are realized and profits are distributed amongst investors, maintaining transparency and efficiency in operations.

    • Fund End

      MARCH 2028

      Concluding on March 1st, 2028, this marks the cessation of The Kedungu Fund’s operations. The focus will be on completing all property sales, fulfilling investor commitments, and distributing the final returns, wrapping up with a robust performance analysis.

    KPIs / Metrics (2024)


    $ 2,766,888








    Financial KPIs

    (updated July 1st, 2024)

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    TKF Dashboard

    Mockup TKF Dashboard Device

    TKF Dashboard is designed for our valued investors to offer a comprehensive overview of your investments, enabling you to effortlessly access vital financial data. You can review financial reports, monitor your asset valuations, access fund-related documents, and stay updated with the latest fund news. It's your one-stop destination for managing your investment portfolio effectively.

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    Why The Kedungu Fund?

    Advantages of Investing in the Fund


    Low Barrier to Entry

    The Fund is available to any investor, large or small. For retail investors who have limited capital to invest, the Fund is a great way to get exposure to the real estate market and earn passive investment returns.


    Portfolio Diversification

    Investing in any type of Funds will almost ensure the investor of having a diversified investment portfolio of real estate assets.


    Return Potential

    Like other types of real estate investments, the Fund has the potential to see capital appreciation over time and to generate returns for shareholders. Scalability is much more achievable compliments to the volume of assets.


    Dividend Payments

    Funds tend to have high dividend yields compared to other types of investments.


    Passive Income

    Importantly, limited partners are able to earn passive income on their investment. This means that after making the initial investment, the investor does not need to do anything else to earn a return on their capital. Real estate offers many ways to make money, but many are very time consuming, like land hunting or development. The Fund eliminates the need for the investor to manage the properties they own, hire property management firms, and deal with contractors, tenants, and leases.


    Tangible Investments

    Funds work well for many investors for the same reason that other real estate investments work well. Namely, the underlying assets are tangible, meaning they are physical assets that can be seen and touched. This is not the case with other asset types like stocks, or even debt instruments like mortgage-backed securities. Many investors find they are able to withstand short-term market fluctuations better knowing they own tangible investments.


    Commercial Real Estate Access

    Investing in the Fund provides limited partners with fractional ownership in a portfolio of real estate assets, often commercial real estate assets. One of the biggest roadblocks for investors interested in commercial real estate is that the asset class requires a lot of capital to get into and are often not well understood by retail investors. Many commercial properties cost millions of dollars, which the average investor does not have. By investing in the Fund, investors pool their money with others and are entitled to a pro rata share of the rental income and capital gains produced by the portfolio.


    The Kedungu Fund is committed to ensuring the success of each project within our portfolio through the utilization of both internal and external partnerships. We strive to provide our investors with a seamless investment experience.

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    Meet Omri, The Kedungu Fund CEO

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