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About Kedungu

Invest in Bali's growing Real Estate market: Kedungu

Kedungu is a beautiful area in Bali, known for its stunning beaches and tranquil surroundings.

The real estate market in Kedungu presents an opportunity for residential and commercial property investment. The area is experiencing an influx of high-net-worth individuals as well as anchor businesses.

Government's plan to develop the area as a tourist destination is expected to boost the real estate market.

Investing in Kedungu offers a rare opportunity for investors willing to make a quick move.

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Development Evolution

Bali is a highly sought-after destination for real estate, and as such, land prices and development have been steadily increasing, particularly in areas moving westward.

As the island continues to grow in popularity, more and more investors and developers are looking to take advantage of the stunning scenery and tropical climate.

The west coast of Bali is particularly desirable due to its proximity to the famous surf spots and beaches, as well as its relatively undeveloped state.

As demand continues to rise, we are seeing prices and development moving westward, making it a great time to invest in this area before prices rise even further.

Kedungu up and coming hotspot

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Facts about Kedungu Village

Land Area/Size:
Nestled within Tabanan Regency, Kedungu Village spans approximately 2.2 square kilometers along Bali's southwest coast.

Proximity to Key Locations:
Kedungu Village offers the advantage of being conveniently located. It's just a short drive away from popular destinations:

  • 20 minutes from Canggu
  • 10 minutes from the Tanah Lot Temple
  • 45 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport.

    Kedungu Village's strategic location offers easy access to major attractions and travel hubs, making it an ideal base for those looking to live and invest in the heart of Bali.

  • Origins of the Name:
    The name of the village, "Kedungu," is derived from the Balinese word "Kedungu," which means "crab." A distinctive crab statue in the village symbolizes this meaning, adding to its cultural significance.

    Original Food:
    Kedungu offers a taste of authentic Balinese cuisine. Don't miss trying "Klepon," a delightful green rice cake with palm sugar filling, representing a sweet and traditional Balinese treat.

    Kedungu Village is renowned for its stunning beaches and offers breathtaking sunset views. Visitors can explore the picturesque Tanah Lot Temple, just a short drive away.

    Surfing Community:
    Kedungu Village serves as a vibrant hub for the surfing community. Surf enthusiasts from around the world are drawn to its consistent waves, ideal for both beginners and experienced surfers. For real-time surf conditions, you can check the live surf cam for Kedungu Beach on

    Wave and Surf Time:
    Kedungu Village is renowned for its left-hand reef break, with waves typically best during the dry season from April to October. Surfing conditions are often ideal in the early mornings and late afternoons when the winds are favorable. Wave heights can range from approximately 1 to 3 meters, providing a thrilling experience for surfers.

    Hotels and Cafes:
    The village boasts a range of charming accommodations and quaint cafes, providing visitors with a tranquil atmosphere to unwind and enjoy local hospitality.

    Promising Tourism Destination:
    Kedungu Village is poised to become the "Next Canggu" in Bali's tourism landscape. The combination of its beautiful beaches, vibrant surf culture, and consistent wave heights is attracting travelers from all over the world, making it a must-visit destination in Bali's tourism landscape.

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