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The Kosong Satu Group, with its holding company Kosong Satu Capital, has a decade of experience in real estate investments in popular Indonesian destinations. We take pride in our ability to consistently deliver exceptional returns on all properties we have invested in.

As a subsidiary of the Kosong Satu Group, Kosong Satu Capital's goal is to provide high ROI (Return On Investment) to our limited partners. Our extensive knowledge and experience in local real estate markets allows us to identify and capitalize on profitable opportunities for our investors.

Kosong Satu Group is a business development entity that encompasses multiple brands across various industries. As well as its strong presence in the real estate sector, the group also operates in the entertainment media industry, legal services, accounting, and other industries. Kosong Satu Capital has access to the resources and expertise of the entire group to support its investors, whether it is identifying investment opportunities, managing assets, or providing legal and financial advice. Our aim is to help our investors achieve outstanding returns.

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Sumba Island Property Investment


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Production House / Production Service


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Model / Talent Agency


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Content Creators


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Film Gear Rental


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Ecommerce Fashion Photoshoot Creator


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Property Development


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Creative & Marketing Agency


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Headhunters Agency


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Visas and Legal Services


Bali Ads

Advertising on Wheels


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Development Lab


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Private Members Club


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Accounting & Tax Consultants


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Rethink Architecture


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Kedungu Real Estate Agency



Real Estate Investment Fund


Ad Astra

Stellar Builders


Fund Manager

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Omri is a successful French entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the property industry in Indonesia. He has a deep understanding of the market and has been heavily involved in various real estate ventures since settling in Indonesia, including 01islands Sumba Real Estate, Bali Heights Group and other property development projects.
He is a seasoned real estate investor with a strong track record of success.
Additionally, Omri has a unique understanding of the corporate side of the business, having served as CEO of Kosong Satu Group since 2013 and now as director of Kedungu Capital Partners Pte Ltd.
With his extensive knowledge and experience in both the investment and corporate sides of the property industry, he is well-positioned to lead and drive the growth of any real estate venture.


+62 813-3870-8090
[email protected]
Jalan Pantai Pererenan 98C - Mengwi, Bali 80351 - Indonesia

Meet Omri, The Kedungu Fund CEO

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Our Team

Strategy Officer & Investor Relations

lyas worked with big names like BNP Paribas and Freo, specializing in finding real estate opportunities.
After managing finances and assets for a real estate company in Indonesia, he now leads MMI-Advisors, focusing on investment advice and managing projects in Jakarta, Bali, and Lombok.
• Credit du Maroc - Maroc
• BNP Paribas Reim - France
• Freo - France
• Invest Islands - Indonesia


CFO, risk management and compliance professional with 20 years’ experience throughout Asia, Europe and Australia for market-leading groups (listed and non-listed):
• Compass Group PLC – Paris & Sydney
• Pernod-Ricard – Bangkok
• Camus Cognac – Shanghai
• Sanofi – Paris & Jakarta
• Cobra International – Bangkok & Sydney
• Crown Cork & Seal – Paris
• Integrity Asia – Jakarta
• Ernst & Young – Melbourne & Warsaw

Our Team

Sales Director

Sales Director, with 12 years of sales experience in management of investment funds and investment projects throughout Indonesia and Mexico.
• Century 21 Mexico - Franchise Sales Director
• Emerhub Indonesia - Head of Sales
• Grupo Bursátil Mexico GBM - Financial Advisor


Gawain serves as the CMO at The Kedungu Fund, where he oversees brand and business development together with strategic partnerships. His journey prior to The Kedungu Fund included pivotal roles as Managing Director and Lead Generation Strategist. With a 20-year track record of leading successful businesses and teams internationally, Gawain's expertise lies in blending innovative marketing approaches with data-driven insights to enhance growth and brand presence.

Our Team

Property Acquisition Specialist

Gede is co-founder of Kedungu Real Estate, the largest property broker in Kedungu.
As such he is responsible for acquiring new land with high growth potential. His role involves identifying properties that not only promise financial success but also contribute positively to the local community. Gede plays a key part in expanding The Kedungu Fund's property portfolio, ensuring strategic investments that align with our commitment to sustainable growth and community development.

Development Consultant

Lucas Issey is an award-winning architect and design expert. With a talent for re-imagining traditional spaces, Lucas brings a unique touch to the fund's real estate projects in Kedungu.
His focus on sustainability aligns with the area's charm, making him a valuable asset in shaping eco-friendly living spaces that contribute to the village's growth. Lucas is also co-founder of The Serious Bureau, an architecture agency in Bali.

Meet Paul Sweeny, The Kedungu Fund Chief Financial Officer

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Direct Support Team


Head Accountant




Art Director


Lead Dev


Support Dev



Kosong Satu Group

10+ Years Experience

Kosong Satu Group is a trusted and experienced property investment business since 2013, amongst other industries.

01islands Sumba Real Estate

  • 200+ hectares traded in Sumba
  • 10+ years trading properties in Sumba
  • Current assets ± 40 hectares

Bali Heights Group

  • Portfolio of 2 plots
    (Seseh and Pantai Lima)
  • Development in conceptual phase

real estate and co

  • Actively traded numerous properties in the Gilis and Bali for the last 10 years

Successful Executions

(Recently completed projects)

1.  Commercial land in Pererenan

  • Land leased 100K$ in 2021
  • Subleased 244K$ in 2022
  • Profit: +144K$
    Profit: +144% in 2 years

kscap assets 4

2.  Villa in Tumbak Bayuh

  • Land leased in 2020
  • Construction 80% finished: 160K$
  • Subleased 330K$ in 2022
  • Profit: +170K$
    Profit: +106% in less than 2 years

kscap assets 5

3.   Pererenan Building

  • Land leased 20K$ in 2019
  • Built a 3 story building for 100K$
  • Estimated market value today 320K$
  • Appraised: +320K$
    Appraised: +166% in 3 years

kscap assets 6

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    The Kedungu Fund is committed to ensuring the success of each project within our portfolio through the utilization of both internal and external partnerships. We strive to provide our investors with a seamless investment experience.

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