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Simplify Your Investment Journey in Bali for Maximum Return

Simplify Your Infestment Journey in Bali for Maximum Return

Book a Discovery Call & Unlock the Potential of Bali's Real Estate Market

Passive Income on Tangible Assets

Provide passive income from tangible, secure real estate Investments without the hassle of direct property purchase, management or development.

Impressive ROI

Achieved a net ROI of 43.36% in 2023, showcasing the fund's highly effective investment strategies.

Strategic Approach

Combine rapid acquisition, nimble strategy & a diverse income stream for maximum returns & value enhancement.

Low Entry, High Diversification

Open to all investors, offering a diverfied portfolio in the burgeoning real estate market with minimal entry barriers

"we're commited fostering a harmonious balance between high returns and positive environmental & social impact in Bali."

Current Developments In-Works

Grow in Kedungu
(International School)

Grow1 2
Unique Opportunity 1

(Bakery - Restaurant)

Luxembourg1 1
Luxembourg2 1

(Bakery - Restaurant)

Kedungu Plaza
(Shopping center)

Kedungu Plaza2 1
Kedungu Plaza1 1

Kedungu Square
(Gym, art gallery, café)

Kedungu Square2 1
Kedungu Square1 1

Kedungu Square
(Gym, art gallery, café)

Kedungu Medical And Health Centre ​

Kedungu Health Care1
Kedungu Health Care2

Keep an Eye on Your Profits at All Time

Mockup TKF Dashboard Device 1

TKF Dashboard is designed for our valued investors to offer a comprehensive overview of your investments, enabling you to effortlessly access vital financial data. You can review financial reports, monitor your asset valuations, access fund-related documents, and stay updated with the latest fund news. It's your one-stop destination for managing your investment portfolio effectively.

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